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IMG_1667 * Early Saturday morning. This is the Shinkansen that will take us to Yamagata prefecture. * 1944 x 2592 * (690KB)
IMG_1675 * After about 2 hours (4 and change if you go by car) you get into the mountains north of Tokyo. The Yamagata area is an agricultural area as well as a centre for hot springs. Here is rice drying on stakes in the traditional style. Presumably it will be used in ceremonies at temples etc. * 2592 x 1944 * (1.36MB)
IMG_1682 * The Yamagata country side. * 2592 x 1944 * (1.11MB)
IMG_1683 * We disembarked at Akayu station. * 2592 x 1944 * (1008KB)
IMG_1687 * We had a rental car as part of our package which was a good thing. Although trains get you around Japan well, in the country side they don't get you very far from the cities. Here are the wonderful fall colours in the mountains. * 2592 x 1944 * (1.62MB)
IMG_1696 * We discovered this little temple on the edge of a hill when we walked down a dirt path. It was sitting under some Japanese maples in full colour. * 1944 x 2592 * (1.35MB)
IMG_1700 * We discovered a narrow path that led into the woods behind the temple so we decided to explore and it led up the mountain. * 2592 x 1944 * (1.26MB)
IMG_1702 * Later on down the road we stopped at THE place to see the colours (according to the Japanese guide book we got). * 2592 x 1944 * (1.28MB)
IMG_1707 * Train bridge over the river. * 2592 x 1944 * (1.21MB)
IMG_1714 * Train bridge of the river. * 1944 x 2592 * (1.36MB)
IMG_1716 * There was a walking trail going along the edge of the river. It is a crescent shape and many people had come here to see the colours. * 1944 x 2592 * (1.55MB)
IMG_1723 * 1944 x 2592 * (1.74MB)
IMG_1728 * 1944 x 2592 * (1.5MB)
IMG_1727 * Mika along the trail * 2592 x 1944 * (1.24MB)
IMG_1726 * 1944 x 2592 * (1.26MB)
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