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Luke's projects

Luke's Projects

These are pictures from some projects that I have done.

Kamakura Carving: I've been taking lessons in Kamakura style carving. This is a collection of the work. Some also have images of the carving before being lacquered. I do not have pictures of the 7th carving at the moment. It is a wall mirror that is currently being lacquered.

Tea Ceremony Screen: A replica of a screen made by our tea masters father. it separates the everyday world from the tea ceremony. This one is all hand made including resawing the wood (What a job I tell) because the voltage here is different and many power tools are still in Canada. The wood is Tamo which apparently is listed on some websites as Japanese Ash. But it behaves a lot like oak. There is no finish on the piece as it is part of the tea asthetic.

Mika's Christmas present: A three drawer jewelry box made of cherry with basswood and mahogany feet. The box is supposed to represent a tree with the feet as dark roots, a strip of the middle representing the trunk of the tree and the carving on top representing the canopy.

Sidetables which I designed and constructed out of Oak. It is all hidden joints (mortise and tenon, dados etc.) with glue. The only metal is four screws to hold the top on.

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